Fantasy hockey draft

Drafting in fantasy takes the same trajectory as other fantasy games like basketball. There are teams, players, ranking and other vital statistics that relate to individual hockey teams. Learn more on how to draft for your fantasy hockey team,

What is Fantasy hockey?

By definition, fantasy hockey is a sport whereby teams compete against each other. The way it is played is defined by the stats collected from individual teams. The pooling of the individual fantasy teams is guided by the players in the National Hockey team (NHL).

How it works

On average, you will find a fantasy league with between 8-12 teams per pool. This could be a large pool extending to as many as 20.In the NHL team; you will find as many as 30 teams. In fantasy hockey, there is no maximum set on teams that can play.

The fantasy hockey team playersA fantasy hockey team constitute the following kinds of players


Left wing

Right wing

Defence men

Goal tenders

Bench players



FanDuel have launched the World Fantasy Hockey Championship, a contest which has a total prize pool of $200,000 and sees the 12 finalists travel to Las Vegas and battle it out to claim the first prize of $50,000.


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In regard to NHL fantasy hockey standings, you will find the division, wildcard, conference, play offs and much more information that you need for the 2014 to 2015 standings. Simply visit our site and learn more on standings, playoff format used in the teams.

NHL fantasy hockey

The Nhl or National Hockey League has all the details that you need on fantasy hockey. There are scores, rankings, standings and so on. In the score section,
you will find the information on the scores for all the fantasy games with the following details:

The live videos




Goal scorer

Ice trackers

Box scores



NHL players

Learn more about the nhl players in the fantasy hockey league. You will find all the information on the players with personal information below each. You will be able to identify them according to name, rank, position in the team, rating. In most cases, you will be able to watch a short video on the individual player. Such information on individual players is helpful to individual players can be very helpful in that you will be able to make a mock draft for you r fantasy hockey based on such information.


Nhl draft history

In nhl fantasy hockey, you will be able to gather all the information based on past history. There is a list provided of the NHL leagues, players, rounds, picks and overall. You will know the name of the player, their respective countries of origin, positions and the amateur teams they played for. As time goes by, you will realize why you need such vital statistics for accumulating the points for your draft players.


NHl teams

There are several nhl teams involved in the NHL fantasy hockey. These teams are based on locations so that you will find pacific, Atlantic, central and metropolitan.



There are always fresh news updates on the various NHL fantasy hockey leagues; you will be able to catch up on such news as feature stories, headlines, photo galleries as well as social events such as fighting cancer by the team.


Watch nhl live

You will be able to watch NHL fantasy hockey live wherever you will be. This can be done on youtube,nhl network or iTunes. For more information on nhl fantasy hockey, talk to our fantasy hockey team today for expert analysis.

Schedules for nhl fantasy hockey When it comes to schedules, you will learn more details on schedules for the games. These are usually grouped as per the following:


Fantasy Hockey League Website Reviews

Fantasy Hockey Game Reviews Fanduel Fanwars
  Price /Team Prize Money Price /Team Prize Money
$5 NFL king of the gridiron satellite(100 seats) $5 $50,000 $1 $10,000
$10 NFL king of the gridiron satellite(125 seats) $10 $1,00,000 $5,$10 $75,000
$25 NFL king of the gridiron satellite(100 seats) $1 $225 $0 $100
$15 NFL king of the gridiron satellite(100 seats) $2 $450 Free $400
$3k sun NFL drive #7 $1 $3,000 $1 $5,000
$1 NFL king of the gridiron satellite(20 seats) $0 $1 $0 $1
$2k sun NFL squib #4 $1 $2,000 $0 $2,500
$500 sun NHL one timer $1 $500 $20 $500
$1 satellite to NBA super slam(15 seats) Free $0 Free $0
$5k sun NFL snap #4(Beginner) $5** $5,000 $15** $5,000
$5k sun NFL snap #3(Beginner) $2 $5,000 $25 $10,000
$5k sun NFL snap #6 $2 $10,000 $2 $10,000
$5k sun NFL safety #3 $2 $2,000 $1 $2,000
NFL salary cap 50K sun sep 7th $2 $180 Free $200
NFl 50/50 League $5** $450 $15** $500